Sunday, March 1, 2009

Black Lips - Short Fuse and O Katrina!

The Black Lips are a funny garage band from Atlanta who describe their sound as "flower punk." They do silly things like kiss each other on the lips at their shows and actually had to flee India recently for fear of being arrested for "homosexual acts." Here's their new single as well as their classic ode to a killer hurricane (O Katrina/Why you gotta be mean now?)

MP3 Black Lips - Short Fuse (from 2009's 200 Million Thousand)
MP3 Black Lips - O Katrina! (from 2007's Good Bad Not Evil)


Henry said...

cant put the new album down, super catchy gritty tracks! have a look at the music vid to boot!

Deb said...

thanks for the vid link henry, i agree, mad catchy record! i don't know how you'd describe "garage" in words but it's the sound of these guys and it's really fun

Ed said...

AHHH i can't stop listening to short fuse! hehe