Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Paul Westerberg - Who You Gonna Marry?

This is easily the best 49 cents you can spend on music this year. Replacements frontman Westerberg's (b. 1959) awesome songwriting skills are front and center on this stream-of-consciousness recording released as one 43- (not 49) minute MP3 sold briefly by Amazon for 49 cents. Apparently it's been taken down now for some legal reason which is a crying shame.

The record just bursts with great songs, some of which you hear for only a few seconds; others are played on top of each other in the manner of interfering radio stations. Almost all are instantly catchy and memorable. The one about his father's death is heartbreaking (there are no song titles given). This record will blow you away.

However you can find this, HIGHLY recommended. Definitely gonna be in my 2008 Top Ten.

MP3 Paul Westerberg - Who You Gonna Marry (from 2008's 49:00 of Your Life)

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