Monday, October 1, 2007

New Radiohead album In Rainbows October 10th!

There is no bigger music news for this girl than word of a new Radiohead album. Without a record company, they managed to keep In Rainbows under wraps and announce its release only 10 days in advance. Register at the site to get a download code and here's the beauty part--you can pay whatever you like for the record! This is a real test--does a band used to debuting at #1 or #2 need a record label?

I am so in love with Radiohead and I'm not the only one. Read people's ecstatic comments on stereogum and brooklynvegan. This story has also been picked up by all the major media (click here and here). It's a whole new paradigm and everybody agrees Radiohead are the band to pull it off. Here's an especially good take on the big news.

MP3 Jigsaw Falling Into Place (then called Open Pick, live at the Tower Theatre in Philadelphia, June 2006)

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